What to see at IBC 2014

Do you have a suggestion for stands, companies, demo’s, conferences, presentations, and parties during IBC 2014 in Amsterdam. Send me a Tweet @endoftelevision or leave a comment on this post and I add it to this overview!

The End of Television will be at IBC 2014 in Amsterdam. The IBC exhibition and conference is the annual event for professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of entertainment and news content worldwide. With over 50,000 attendees from more than 160 countries it’s one of the largest broadcasting exhibitions. The conference sessions cover panels from all over the industry discussing the effects of new trends and technologies in the business.

All major technology and service providers are present on IBC so follow The End of Television the coming days on Twitter for the latest updates, pictures, and blogs from the exhibition floor.

I created a list (in random order) of companies that are in the social tv, second screen, OTT, VOD, transmedia and multi screen industry that I want to meet during IBC 2014. Send me your suggestions if you think you should be on the list!

Civolution 2.B41

Civolution is the leading provider of technology and solutions to identify, manage and monetise media content.
The company offers an extensive portfolio of cutting-edge, digital watermarking and fingerprinting based applications for media interaction (real-time ACR and triggering for second screen/smart devices synchronisation and TV-Synced Ads), media intelligence (audience measurement and media monitoring for television) and media protection (content filtering and forensic marking of media assets in pre-release, digital cinema, pay-TV and online).

Ex Machina – 2.B41 & 1.C30

Ex Machina is the global leader in real time second screen interactivity. Their PlayToTV platform powers more interactions for more different shows than anyone else. PlayToTV is the world’s most versatile, proven and international platform for large scale second screen interactivity.

Ex Machina can be found the Civolution’s booth (Hall 2.B4). You can find out more about What Do I Know including the app, sync technology and platform it is based on. WDIK has become the first game show to reach half a million simultaneous players in a single episode and is now conquering the world.

At Piksel (Hall 1.C30), find out how our modular PlayToTV architecture allows Piksel’s new 2Si all-in-one solution to add flexible, realtime interactive elements to any show or channel.

Gracenote 14.G13 and 14.H20

Gracenote is the leading provider of TV, movie and music metadata and media recognition technology. Gracenote data supports more than 40 countries in 30+ languages, and is trusted by the world’s leading cable and satellite operators, consumer electronics manufacturers and developers to power on-screen guides, discovery platforms and second screen Apps.

Institut für Rundfunktechnik (IRT) – 10.F51

“Find out more about HbbTV and our Second Screen Framework, the manufacturer independent solution for connecting your second device with your TV. Experience compelling TV services with state of the art cloud based technology.”

Piksel – 1.C30

We help the world’s leading brands maximize their reach and return with video.

Comprised of a global team of ‘Televisionaries’, Piksel has helped to design, build, and manage online video services for major media companies like AT&T, BSkyB, Mediaset, and Sky Deutschland, as well as enterprise brands like Airbus, Barnes & Noble, and Volkswagen.

LinkedTV (Fraunhofer IAIS) – 8.F42

LinkedTV offers a solution for seamlessly linking relevant information from the Web to objects and topics in TV programming. To provide this solution to broadcasters, LinkedTV has developed a platform which ingests the audiovisual material to be enriched, and performs innovative analysis and annotation procedures to segment the programme into chapters and tag them with objects and topics of interest.

Mediapro – 8.A47

Virtual Arena, the second screen App. A unique experience to engage football fans, through a real-time virtual arena with complete real time statistics. Available for any device: smart phone, tablet, web. Including a seasonal database and the most complete Index.

Mufin GmbH (MAGIX AG) – 8.D16b

mufin offers first-class mobile and server solutions for audio identification and music recommendation that create new revenue streams for its customers.
The complete product portfolio offers white label solutions and licenses for the technology to the B2B sector. mufin’s B2B solutions reach a variety of customer groups including broadcasters and content producers, media & advertising agencies, brands, media research companies, broadcast monitoring service providers, targeted/interactive advertising platform providers and RTB platforms, app developers, music streaming service providers and music download shops among others.

Grabyo at the Digital TV Group – 5.A09

The DTG is the industry association for digital TV in the UK — putting you at the centre of the UK digital TV community and at the forefront of new TV technology. We’ll connect you to the industry and support you to lead the future of digital television.

Grabyo provides real-time video sharing. Edit live feeds using cloud-based tools. Share instant sports replays, live TV moments, breaking news clips on Twitter, Facebook, web and mobile apps. Drive user engagement and new digital sponsorship and advertising revenues.

Stoneroos – 2.A46

Stoneroos is an unique player in the field of digital interactive television. Combining strong user interface design- and development skills with ten years of experience makes Stoneroos the ideal partner to realise your (synchronised) second screen/companion app, STB middleware or OTT service.

Need an next-gen user interface for your set-top box or PVR? Accompanied by a mobile companion app with mobile API? No worries. Again, Stoneroos has the design and develop skills to create the perfect solution for your company and your customers.

Are you looking for a second screen app to enhance your TV show format, using the watermark or fingerprint audio-synchronisation technology? Stoneroos has the skills and experience with this watermark technology to deliver an app that will be a major upgrade to your format.

Ericsson – 1.D61

Ericsson is a world leader in telecoms and media, addressing the rapidly changing environment for consumers, technology and business – providing equipment, software and services to content owners, broadcasters, TV service providers and mobile and fixed network operators, all over the globe.

Viaccess-Orca – 1.A51

Learn more about DEEP – Data enrichment & engagement platform, exploring rich second generation metadata for second screens and see DEEP’s first commercial deployment with OCS’ Game of Thrones app.


DOTSCREEN is one of the leading multiscreen application developer in Europe.

In three years of existence, DOTSCREEN has completed over 150 apps (SVOD/VOD, catch up TV, live TV, EPG, news, weather, car traffic, youth, educational, music, games, sport, radio, advertising…).

We are device agnostic and technology agnostic. We transfer the IP ownership of our developments to our customers. We do not supply an end-to-end solution: we are focused on the front-end applications only.

Mediapro – 8.A47

Mediapro is a leading European company in audiovisual content and unique in the integration of content, technology, production and distribution services. Mediapro launches three new products:

Virtual Arena, the second screen App. A unique experience to engage football fans, through a real-time virtual arena with complete real time statistics. Available for any device: smart phone, tablet, web. Including a seasonal database and the most complete Index.

Mirada – 5.B08

Mirada, AIM-quoted audio/visual technology supplier with offices across Europe and Latin America, focuses on the future of digital TV – multiscreen cross-platform navigation – anytime, anywhere. They offer a complete suite of end-to-end modular products for STBs, PC, smartphones and tablets, all with innovative state-of-the-art UI designs.

During the IBC2014, Mirada is presenting Inspire, their cutting-edge User Interface with such features as smart-search engine, intelligent recommendations, audience metrics, virtual channels, multiscreen platform with applications for smartphones and tablets based on iOS and Android, and many other.

Cisco – 1.A71

The Videoscape platform integrates Cisco cloud and network capabilities into an award-winning user experience with robust content protection. Utilising Cisco’s ability to customise and integrate these components to clients’ specific needs, Videoscape empowers service providers in all markets and ensures they can create and connect synchronised and personalised multiscreen experiences—at web speed.

Wiztivi – 14.L01

For more than 6 years, Wiztivi has been demonstrating its adaptability to all connected devices developing and creating enriched and immersive UX.
-Intuitive interfaces to serve an enriched user experience.

Yospace – 14.E10

Yospace’s dynamic advertisement insertion solution allows broadcasters to replace ads in an original linear feed with ones that can be targeted when streaming to multiscreen.

never.no – 7.A09

never.no’s Social TV platform Story is designed for news, entertainment and sports producers tasked with creating the social segments for today’s events. Story’s easy-to-use visual interface allows content producers to intuitively gather, manage and publish social content and statistics on air.

Applicaster – 3.B20k

Applicaster is a cutting-edge provider of white label broadcast solutions for cross-screen TV experiences, empowering world-leading broadcasters and formats worldwide. The rich layers of daylong & play-along engagement and branded entertainment transform viewers from receptive audience into active participants and consumers. Together with its powerful management and analytic tools, Applicaster enables broadcast operations to quickly address the business and technology challenges of TV technology as it evolves.

Beenius 14.E26

Beenius is the developer of Beenius Interactive TV platform for modern TV service operators that deliver the most exciting social TV experience to their subscribers. Beenius Interactive TV platform empowers the uniqueness of every operator by providing a TV platform along with the tools for extensive upgrades and prompt customizations in a cost-effective manner. Beenius has a proven track record of successful customers and partners, and is committed to continuously delivering the means for their sustainable growth.

Comigo – 3.B61

Comigo’s TV platform allows Pay-TV service providers to offer a personalised TV experience anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Through advanced personalisation and interactive social capabilities, the Comigo platform dramatically increases viewer engagement with premium content, leading to additional revenue growth opportunities for Pay-TV service providers.

Etribez – 14D30

eTribez is the leading digital solutions provider in the entertainment industry, empowering broadcast networks and production companies with the ability to generate new revenue streams, boost social media impact and strengthen viewer loyalty.  Since establishment in 2011, eTribez has taken enormous strides towards fulfilling the vision of creating the industry’s leading Audience Engagement and TV Production Management technology with digital solutions for Online Voting, Social Network, Online and In-Person Auditions, and much more.

RelayTV – 14.J14

RelayTV has developed a unique technology that allows TV carriers to offer a virtual living room experience to their subscribers. Viewers can watch favorite programs with their friends and interact with them seamlessly – without the need for second devices or applications. We make TV social again.

Ubertweek GmbH – 8.D16c

The Ubertweek API services, the Recommender and the Taste ProfilerTM enable partners, such as video on demand platforms, cable network operators or TV and set-top-box manufacturers to personalise the discovery of their entertainment and content ecosystems, and to enrich their user experience with social features. Tweek’s API technologies help to overcome the cold-start problem and to improve the quality of recommendations for a great video entertainment experience.

Vigiglobe – 14.G03

We enrich and decrypt the social web, enabling our clients to get the most out of social media content by understanding what is being said, how and by whom.
Our proprietary solutions and algorithms operate in real-time, multi-language environment with public display and cover millions of data-sources.
VigiLabs is our social integration platform designed for all producers and broadcasters who want to:
Analyse social media content in real-time
Curate & broadcast live social media content
Interact with their audience directly
Understand their audience
Attract new audiences

Visiware 2.B39e

Visiware is an award-winning creator of interactive TV-experiences that has been providing some of the best interactive TV solutions for the world’s leading broadcasters (over 26 leading channels worldwide), TV operators (such as Dish USA, Sky UK), producers (Sony, Endemol,) radio networks and advertisers for 20 years.

Over the past 4 years, Visiware has become the international leader in ‘white-label’ social-TV applications and services, with more than 2.500 2nd-screen shows powered in 26 countries for live sports, game-shows, talk-shows, series…

Sync2TV is the reference 2nd screen solution to enrich and gamify TV and radio programs in real time and to create interactivity with the audience.  With its large array of contents and interaction, Sync2TV allows our clients to create very immersive and tailored experiences for their programs. Especially designed to cover live shows, our tools make engaging viewer on 2nd screen a very simple an intuitive task.

Sync2AD is the groundbreaking technology that enable monetizing the digital audience by offering viewers with extremely rich and interactive brand experiences in sync. with ad-spots broadcast on mass-media. Using Visiware’s patented audio recognition system and push technology, Sync2AD is a powerfull additional revenue generator and can be integrated into any mobile application.

Vizrt – 7.A10

Vizrt provides real-time 3D graphics, studio automation, sports analysis, and asset management tools for the broadcast industry – interactive and virtual solutions, animations, maps, weather, video editing and compositing tools.

Wildmoka – 2.B39i

Wildmoka creates revolutionary ways to consume and amplify video! Wildmoka develops technologies that reinvent the interaction users have with audiovisual content. Its SaaS platform turns in real-time any video source into a content that is:
– Enriched and Contextualized, through semantics and meta-data mash-ups
– Delinearized and Navigable, for a unique user experience
– Interactive and Shareable, the platform reconciles content with social interactions

Do you have a suggestion for stands, companies, demo’s, conferences, presentations, and parties during IBC 2014 in Amsterdam. Send me a Tweet @endoftelevision or leave a comment on this post and I add it to this overview!

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