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This is the third blog in a series about check-in services for television content. This week I will provide an overview of five different applications that are competing in this field. Find the earlier post about GetGlue here and about IntoNow here.Today: Miso.

Logo Check-in service Miso

Name: Miso
Started: March 2010, San Francisco, California
Company: Miso
Users:  We currently have 100.000 users and growing. This is as of 1/15/2011.

The Company

Miso was introduced  in March 2010 by Somrat Niyogi, Timothy Lee, and Matt Pakes and evolved as an application from Bazaar Labs, a company that creates social mobile apps centered around people’s entertainment experiences. Back then they called the application ‘a Foursquare-like app for TV+Movies’.

Watch the introduction video below:

The Service

Miso calls itself ‘a second screen experience that makes watching TV more fun and social! It is a simple way to share what you watch, earn points and badges and interact with your friends and other show fans!’. The applications is available from the website and through applications for the iPhone, iPad and Android. Miso focuses on television and movie content which differentiate (and maybe limits) them from GetGlue which has taken a more general ‘entertainment’ approach. As Miso claims ‘We’re more like a social network for TV fans!’. The product works similar to GetGlue and allows user to search for episodes or shows but provides check-ins on episode level instead of show level which is more similar to the IntoNow app. Their statistics show that more than half of the users check-in before or right when the shows begins. This means that half of the users are connected from the beginning of the show which can be interesting for advertisers. By checking in user receive badges and points which creates a competitive element to the service comparable to FourSquare. User can edit and add information to episodes such as the cover image, description, and actors. Furthermore, Miso allows users to become hosts of a show or episode. The host is ‘the most passionate members of our community who help make Miso more fun and social’. This fairly new option allows hosts to drop questions, edit information, and more which will be introduced soon. As a host you get a title (on Miso) and the recognition as the host of the show.

Miso Iphone App Question

The Promise

Miso has teamed up with different partners to integrate the service into set-top boxes and other TV applications. It has partnered with AT&T U-verse and DIRECTV to directly show the episode or show that is being played on the device, this work both ways, if you search for a show on Miso you can press ‘Watch it’ and it initiate a search on U-verse. At the moment this option is only available for the iPhone version of the app.

Furthermore, Miso was one of the Facebook partners at the latest F8 event to use the open graph for their application. This means user can not only like a page or update their status but can specify what they are doing with their friends on Facebook from within the application. It will be interesting to see if Miso can make this integration so compelling that it will become the TV check-in standard for Facebook.

Miso at Facebook F8 Event

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