The End of Television at IBC 2012 in Amsterdam

IBC 2012

The End of Television will be attending the IBC 2012 conference and exhibition from 6 – 11 september. IBC is the premier annual conference and exhibition for professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of electronic media and entertainment content worldwide and is a showcase for new technologies, second screen innovations and interesting sessions and discussion. The coming days you will find regular updates and pictures from the IBC conference on this website and on Twitter at @endoftelevision.

Are you attending IBC 2012 and want to meet up? Contact me at @endoftelevision or send me an e-mail

Not attending IBC 2012? Stay up to date with the latest tweets from the IBC 2012 conference (#IBCshow) and @endotelevision at the IBC 2012 page.

A first impression of IBC 2012 in Amsterdam

A first impression of the IBC 2012 terrain, conference and exhibition hall:

IBC 2012 Amsterdam Terrain Overview IBC 2012 Amsterdam Entrance IBC 2012 Amsterdam Exhibition Hall Building the JVC stand - Exhibition IBC 2012 Amsterdam IBC 2012 Amsterdam - Connected World Hall Conference Registration IBC 2012 Amsterdam  IBC 2012 Amsterdam Connected World Conference and Exhibition Dates IBC 2013 Amsterdam Amsterdam IBC 2012 See you in 2013

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