The end of commercials: Rethinking advertising for Connected TV

YouTube recently announced that it will roll out its pre-roll ads to mobile devices and tablets that you can skip. These ‘TrueView’ ads allows users to skip the advertisement after watching the first 5 seconds. Before users were unable to skip advertisements on mobile devices but with the explosive growth of video consumption on mobile devices and the wide adoption of the TrueView ads (over 65% of the ads on YouTube) the decision was a  logical next step in monetizing popular video’s.

This advertising model could provide valuable for advertising on connected-TV sets. A recent surveyshowed that users of connected devices were more aware of advertisements since the platform is still developing. “It found that 57 percent of viewers noticed pre-roll ads and that nearly 70 percent were likely to interact with an ad. Interactions might involve liking a brand on Facebook, getting more information through the TV, or seeing a website on the TV screen”. However, when these connected TV sets become more mainstream the TrueView ad model could be a next step in monetizing the connected TV screen.

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