The best Second Screen cases in the Asia Pacific market

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Most research on media multitasking is based on viewer behaviour in Europe and the United States, with little attention on the Asia Pacific (APAC) market. Research from eMarketer shows that over 40% of Twitter users will live in the Asia Pacific by 2018, followed with 20% in North America and 15% in Western Europe. With 927.040.742 households, the Asia Pacific market offers huge opportunities for second screen, social TV and transmedia. Research by Casbaa shows that 58% of the world’s multichannel TV homes are now in Asia Pacific, over 80% of the developed APAC population owns a smartphone, and tablet ownership is as high as 57% in Hong Kong, 47% in Singapore and 42% in Malaysia.

The Casbaa research included the following countries as part of the Asia Pacific region; Pakistan, India, Japan, South Korea, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand.

To understand the specific opportunities in this market this post will look into the second screen and device usage figures from the region.

Second Screen usage in Asia Pacific

MillwardBrown research shows that 5 out of the top 10 countries from the APAC region that are part of the research rank highest in simultaneous usage of mobile devices while watching TV. The Philippines ranks number 1 with 47%, followed by Thailand with 47%, Indonesia with 45%, and South Korea with 45%.

Simultaneous device (second screen) usage

Also on a global level the simultaneous device usage is relatively high for countries in the in the APAC region compared to Europe and even the US. On this map the the green colour represents a relative high simultaneous usage while red equals lower simultaneous usage based on all the countries in the research.

Simultaneous device usage per country

Second screen usage is most relevant for broadcasters if it is related to what is happening on the first screen. MillwardBrown calls this simultaneous device use to look for related content concept ‘meshing‘. Looking at the world map we see that countries in the APAC region show a relatively high level of meshing (green color) compared to the rest of the world.

% of simultaneous use to look at related content (meshing)

Indeed, if we look at the top 10 countries in terms of the percentage of simultaneous use during which the viewer is looking at related content (meshing) we see that 5 out of 10 countries are from the APAC region:

Countries with highest % of related usage (meshing)

The best Second Screen cases in the Asia Pacific market

We can conclude that the Asia Pacific region seems to be favourable for second screen, social TV and transmedia projects. In the coming weeks we will look at some of the most interesting and promising cases from the region.

This article appeared earlier on ComingNext.TV.

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