Stats and figures from DMexco 2012: The use of the Second Screen in Germany

On September 12th the Digital Marketing Exposition and Conference (DMexco) was held in Cologne, Germany. DMexco is an international expo & conference for the digital industry with a focus on online marketing, (re)targeting, tracking, digital content, mobile marketing, and advertising.

Digital Marketing Exhibition and Conference 2012 Cologne Germany DMexco

SmartTV: providing multiscreen marketing solutions

One of the seminar sessions was hosted by RTL interactive and IP Germany and discussed how linear TV can be combined with supplementary digital offers. The session “SmartTV is looking for smart minds: A guideline for content providers and advertisers” gave some interesting numbers in the German Second Screen market. IP Germany, which is a 100 percent subsidiary from RTL interactive, is responsible for the ad sales of several commercial TV channels and tries to own the four consumer screens: TV, laptop or computer, tablet and mobile. By integrating the four screens into their advertising offering, advertisers have more exposure to potential consumers. RTL interactive has launched a dedicated Second Screen application (RTL inside) which offers specific marketing options that can be combined with TV commercials and website banners.

Higher viewer engagement and brand awareness

During the session the results of a recent study were shown on how multiple screens makes the user more engaged with the content and as a result more aware of commercial messages. When content is distributed on multiple channels (cross media) the TV program loyalty increases with 35% and the use of a second screen while consuming TV increases the loyalty with 25%.

Half (49%) of all Germans who are online use a second screen while watching television of which 57% use this for social media activities. It’s interesting to see that only 7% actually reacts and comments on the TV show that they are watching, the majority only posts what they are watching or are reading what their friends are discussing.

A new way to market TV advertising

This development forces advertising agencies to adapt their buying strategy and go beyond just the TV commercial. Besides sponsoring and product placement the second screen and website of a TV program provides new channels to increase exposure to the TV audience. Therefore, RTL interactive introduced a dedicated second screen application that offers background information, extra content and social (check-in) features to reach audience on their mobile devices while watching a show. Their app ranks second behind the Tagesschau App with market penetration of 41,3%. This number is based on channel dedicated applications and doesn’t mention start-ups like Tweek (see below). The app is used daily by 25% of its users and 49% uses the app a couple times a week, not bad for a commercial second screen app. The application is most used to watch video (74%), to read news updates (56%) while only 16% check-in to the content they are watching. Note that I haven’t been able to check the app and the numbers are provided by IP Germany.

This new approach in offering ‘four screens’ to advertise brings new options to marketeers when it comes to (re)targeting, measuring and interactivity. Slowly the best practices of digital advertising are infiltrating in the TV commercial marketing trying to get a share of this multi-billion market.

Selling multi screen advertising - IP Germany

Second Screen Recommendations:

While at DMexco I ran into Marcel Düe founder and CEO of a second screen recommendation application for the iPad (iPhone will launch this month) based in Berlin. Tweek uses your social graph from Twitter and Facebook, human curation, and popularity to recommend new shows and series which you can watch directly from the application by  linking VOD-platforms, iTunes and other content sources. Marcel explained it’s different from the mass of second screen applications that let you follow the buzz or interact during a TV program like Zeebox (in Germany you have Zapitano and Couchfunk). Tweek is focused on those moments in between programs by guiding you to the next show to watch whether it’s available live or on-demand. The @endoftelevision will cover Tweek more in detail in the coming weeks so make sure to follow us on twitter and stay up-to-date!

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