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IBC 2011 Connected World Hall

Social TV: Measuring engagement of connected audiences (TV Genius session IBC 2011)

A week after the IBC 2011 conference and as the dust settles in Amsterdam it is time to
Set top Boxes IBC 2011 Amsterdam

Social media use within broadcasting is a trojan horse to collect data – Tome Weiss

“Social media use within broadcasting is a trojan horse to collect data” Tom Weiss, ceo of TV Genius during TV Genius’ business session ‘Viewers Like This: Measuring Engagement Through the Power of Social’ at IBC 2011.
Hulu Logo and interface

How the growth of Hulu and set-top boxes is changing television

The first fiscal quarter of 2011 is coming to an end. The moment for companies to summarize their achievements and stats. Some interesting figures about web video and the growth of set top-top boxes hit the web today. Below I discuss

What is the future of smart TV, internet TV, connected TV, IPTV, and social TV?

Ongoing developments in the field of television, web video, distribution, and new media technologies, have resulted in a diverse and growing field of television set-top boxes and software platforms, which is changing the way people use and experience television. The rise