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The best Second Screen cases in the Asia Pacific market

Most research on media multitasking is based on viewer behaviour in Europe and the United States, with little attention on the Asia Pacific (APAC) market. We look at the opportunities for second screen, social TV and transmedia project in this region.

Vidora wants to develop a Future TV Platform with Better Analytics and Viewing Behavior Profiles

Vidora update provides flexible monetization options, a platform for both on-demand and live content, and deep insights in user profiles across channels, to build the platform to 'enable the Future of TV'. Analytics Dashboard

Twitter wants to dominate the Social TV market over Facebook and acquires Social TV startup Trendrr

Twitter acquires social TV startup Trendrr and wants to dominate the SocialTV market over Facebook.
Vidora App interface

Is This the End of the Smart TV? Vidora Puts the Smart in Your Mobile Device

Two weeks ago Vidora launched as "a next generation premium video aggregation platform for mobile and tablet devices". I recently talked to Alex Holub, co-founder of Vidora, about the platform and his perspective on the TV industry.
Set Reminder Arrested Development - Website Dijit introduces a web version of Nextguide is introduced as the Next Generation Social TV Discovery and Sharing Web Experience. The web version is based on the popular NextGuide iOS app. This new version will allow a larger audience to quickly acces the app and might be
New interface for YouTube TV

How YouTube wants to be like TV

YouTube TV works on any screen that has a browser and can be controlled by most mobile devices. Read more about this renewed YouTube experience!
Second Screen Zeebox Social TV Guide

One Second Screen to Rule Them All: Zeebox Launches in US

One Second Screen to rule them all. Read how the launch of Zeebox will have a big impact on the seconds screen, social statistics and advertising in the US!
Digital Marketing Exhibition and Conference 2012 Cologne Germany DMexco

Stats and figures from DMexco 2012: The use of the Second Screen in Germany

On September 12th the Digital Marketing Exposition and Conference (DMexco) was held in Cologne, Germany. DMexco is an international expo & conference for the digital industry with a focus on online marketing, (re)targeting, tracking, digital content, mobile marketing, and advertising. SmartTV: