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Vidora App interface

Is This the End of the Smart TV? Vidora Puts the Smart in Your Mobile Device

Two weeks ago Vidora launched as "a next generation premium video aggregation platform for mobile and tablet devices". I recently talked to Alex Holub, co-founder of Vidora, about the platform and his perspective on the TV industry.
Set Reminder Arrested Development - Website Dijit introduces a web version of Nextguide is introduced as the Next Generation Social TV Discovery and Sharing Web Experience. The web version is based on the popular NextGuide iOS app. This new version will allow a larger audience to quickly acces the app and might be
Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia

Aereo expands to Atlanta and plans to launch in 20 other cities

A day affter introducing a new pricing structure for its service, Aereo announced it will launch in Atlanta in June. Aereo streams free-to-air channels over the internet offering DVR capabilities to watch OTA TV on demand. Aereo plans to expand across
New interface for YouTube TV

How YouTube wants to be like TV

YouTube TV works on any screen that has a browser and can be controlled by most mobile devices. Read more about this renewed YouTube experience!

The future of the remote control: Leap shows gesture control solution

The Leap brings a new meaning to the concept of motion control by allowing users to use complex 3D gestures to control the screen.