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Must see video’s on the future of Television and content

When the traditionally closed television industry gets involved with the open ecosystem of the internet, and vice versa, new media forms emerge.

How multiscreen is changing the TV market

Television shifts from a single domain to a multi-domain environment and the platform and the market becomes more accessible for multiple players.
Multi-screen television - Historical TV sets

TV Everywhere. Will 2012 be the year of the multiscreen experience?

Multiscreen for consumer markets In 2011 Marty Roberts, VP Sales & Marketing, for thePlatform, argued that TV everywhere is taking over TV. 
Old Television Set with Antenna

A new design: The end of Television As we know it

A new website After almost a year of posting updates to The end of Television Tumblr it’s time to expand
Miso Logo

TV check-in on the second screen – Miso

Miso calls itself ‘a second screen experience that makes watching TV more fun and social! It is a simple way to share what you watch, earn points and badges and interact with friends.
Into Now Social TV Second Screen application

TV check-in on the second screen – IntoNow

This is the second blog in a series about check-in services for television content. IntoNow provides the capability of the application to recognize tv content you are watching. Read more about IntoNow.
GetGlue Social TV Second Screen application

TV check-in on the second screen – GetGlue

GetGlue is a social network for entertainment on which users ‘can check-in and rate things to discover new favorites, see what your friends are into, get stickers and win free stuff’. Find out more!
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Media in conflict: Social Media and broadcast distribution rights

Read how geo-blocking, syndication delay, and multiple distribution partners for different geographical regions affect Social Media Marketing.