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Gif image Gangnam style dance

95 million views – The end of Music Television?

On september 3rd the Gangnam Style video by the Korean artist PSY reached over 95.000.000 views. This incredible amount of views, comments and likes shows the power of on-demand video offered through an accessible platform like YouTube.
Presentation 10 Things You Need To Know About The Future of Television

The 10 things you need to know about the future of Television by Alan Wolk [summary]

KIT digital's Global Lead Analyst, Alan Wolk, offers a view of the state of the television industry and its future. The overview are Wolk’s takeaway from his conversations with everyone from Wall Street analysts to high-level industry executives to tech start-up
TrueView Video Ads YouTube

The end of commercials: Rethinking advertising for Connected TV

YouTube recently announced that it will roll out its pre-roll ads to mobile devices and tablets that you can skip. These 'TrueView' ads allows users to skip the advertisement after watching the first 5 seconds.

The future of the remote control: Leap shows gesture control solution

The Leap brings a new meaning to the concept of motion control by allowing users to use complex 3D gestures to control the screen.
Connected viewers will be more important than Connect TV's

WPP report: “Connected viewers will be more important than connected TV’s”

Connected TV penetration & usage will lag behind Second Screens.
Social Media Player - Google Nexus Q

Google introduces Nexus Q: A new Android based streaming media device

Read about the Nexus Q. A sphere that allows users to stream media content to a TV or speaker set in your house.
Making TV-Kids more social - Disney Second Screen Application

Making TV-kids more social: Disney’s Browser based second screen app with audio sync

Disney is jumping into the SocialTV trend with a browser based second screen application for Disney Movies.
IP connected screens affect the TV industry

How IP-connected screens are changing the television industry

Read more how new players and changing viewer behavior affects the TV industry.