Other Blogs

I wrote various articles for other blogs and conferences. For example at the Economies of the Commons 2 and the international seminar on Open Video in Amsterdam. This conference focuses on the a critical examination of the economics of on-line public domain and open access resources of information, knowledge, and media (the ‘digital commons’). And the Video Vortex II conference on the merger of the internet and television and the position of online video within our society and culture. The Video Vortex project aims to contextualize these developments by tracing continuities and fault lines across recent decades in artistic, activist and mainstream activity.

Find an overview of my other writing here.

Thesis on Internet Television

For my thesis I researched the historic development of television and how this had lead to the concept of internet TV. I wrote a solid historical overview of developments in television with relation to the emergence of Internet TV, taking into account the specificity of various transitions and developments concerning the medium, while integrating institutional, cultural and economic perspectives. In light of industry rhetoric around the apparent revolutionary aspects of convergence, the critical claim is made throughout the thesis that TV was never a stable form, but a contested and complex medium in transition. The thesis concluded with a case study of Google TV that highlighted both ‘empowering’ and ‘controlling’ aspects of this system.

Read my thesis Shifting power: How Google TV entered the living room online.