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Trendrr Blog: Social TV Round-up

An overview of the latest blogs and news within the Social TV sector by Trendrr.

Trendrr Blog: Social TV Round-up 10/29

News for TV Mayors

Keeping TV Studies students informed of news, views, and reviews about television. This site is intended to keep TV Studies students (and anyone else who’s interested in TV) informed about the latest news, reviews, and views about television. It consists of post found by Christine Becker, Associate Professor at the Departement of Film, Television, and Theatre at the University of Notre Dame, that she comes come across that seems like something a TV scholar should know about, care about, or read about.

Connected TV Advertising

Future of TV bulletpoints

Nuevos Espectadores (Spanish)

Este blog ofrece a los seguidores en Twitter y los lectores de este blog las últimas noticias, actualizaciones y perspectivas sobre los cambios en la industria de distribución de televisión, radiodifusión y contenidos.

Article: ¿Evolución o desaparición de la Tv?

How soon is now? Culture in a 24 / 7 world


The term Social TV covers a broad range of applications and activities, so I thought it would be interesting to create an essential list of the major players in the industry. I’ll admit this isn’t exhaustive or definitive, so please include in the comments anything or anyone you think is important that I missed. Maybe we can expand this list of 31 to a list of 50!

Article: Social TV: The 31 people, apps, tools, companies and events you must know

Well we’ve all read Philip Hodgetts on the death of tape (if you haven’t, you should), but even as we discuss how Final Cut Pro X could be the NLE for the next 10 years, it strikes me that what we’re really witnessing could be the end of broadcast television


Ce carnet contient une sélection d’heureuses rencontres (ou sérendipiteuses découvertes) faites sur le Net à l’occasion de veilles thématiques.

Ce n’est pas la télé qui est en déclin, c’est son modèle de revenu


TV is changing and it is going to change dramatically…

Nowadays, there are several new television initiatives such as Apple TV, the Roku Player, Boxee box and Google TV, that connect the television to an internet enabled interface providing access to online content platforms such as Netflix and YouTube.

Shifting Power: Internet taking over Television?

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