Must see video’s on the future of Television and content

Below are two video’s that, both in their own way, give an unique perspective on the convergence of television and the internet. When the traditionally closed television industry gets involved with the open ecosystem of the internet, and vice versa, new media forms emerge (GoogleTV) but also new threats to creativity and innovation arise (SOPA/PIPA). These two talks gives some more insight of how an internet company like Google views television and how it tries to innovate the platform. Clay Shirky talks about the history of media and ownership and how copyright should protect intellect but should not affect media innovation.

Eric Schmidt delivers the James MacTaggart lecture

Video | Transcript

Ted Talk by Clay Shirky: Why SOPA is (or was) a bad idea

Time Warner has called and they want us all back on the couch, just consuming — not producing, not sharing — and we should say, ‘No.’” – (Clay Shirky)


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