How YouTube wants to be like TV

Introducing YouTube TV

YouTube recently introduced YouTube TV, a new version of their leanback version of the popular online video site specially designed for the big screen in the living room. The interface makes it easy to scroll through video’s and removes all the distraction that is present on the regular site such as ratings, comments, and banners. When you follow curated YouTube channels you can easily browse through the latest video and find recommended content.

New interface for YouTube TV

Second Screen: Control YouTube with you mobile or tablet

The most unique functionality as a results from the update is the ability to control the interface from your mobile device. When you want to connect your mobile you’re asked to visit a mobile website and enter a code that is shown on the big screen. After connecting your device you can browse for video’s and play them directly on the big screen. This works both with the mobile website as with the YouTube application for iOS and Android. As a result YouTube TV works on any screen that has a browser and can be controlled by most mobile devices.

YouTube video playing on YouTube TV Play a YouTube video on your TV Connect mobile YouTube TV

YouTube TV

Competition for WappZapp

The Dutch startup WappZapp provides a similar experience but integrates more (on-demand) sources into their platform. When you visit the website you are asked to connect the WappZapp app on your mobile (iOS) device using an unique code after which you can select video’s within the app and stream them within the browser on you TV set. The latest update from YouTube TV provides a similar experience but for any screen and with any device and is a next strep for YouTube to become more dominant on big screen.

How YouTube wants to be like TV

With YouTube TV as the updated version of YouTube leanback it tries to become even more accessible on the big screen and create a TV like experience. Combined with YouTube’s investments in high quality and professional content it now competes with on-demand services like Netflix, Vudu and Hulu. A slick interface without distraction creates a more seamless and engaged experience which makes YouTube more interesting for high quality ads. It’s the end of YouTube as we know it…

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