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Why every broadcaster should define a clear VOD strategy for 2015

Why every broadcaster should define a clear VOD strategy for 2015

What are the current VOD and OTT market developments and the strategic implication that broadcasters have to take into account for their VOD strategy.
Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia

Aereo expands to Atlanta and plans to launch in 20 other cities

A day affter introducing a new pricing structure for its service, Aereo announced it will launch in Atlanta in June. Aereo streams free-to-air channels over the internet offering DVR capabilities to watch OTA TV on demand. Aereo plans to expand across
Netflix launches House of Cards

Netflix launches original series ‘House of Cards’

Netflix released all 13 episodes of 'House of Cards' staring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright.
Presentation 10 Things You Need To Know About The Future of Television

The 10 things you need to know about the future of Television by Alan Wolk [summary]

KIT digital's Global Lead Analyst, Alan Wolk, offers a view of the state of the television industry and its future. The overview are Wolk’s takeaway from his conversations with everyone from Wall Street analysts to high-level industry executives to tech start-up
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Media in conflict: Social Media and broadcast distribution rights

Read how geo-blocking, syndication delay, and multiple distribution partners for different geographical regions affect Social Media Marketing.