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Why every broadcaster should define a clear VOD strategy for 2015

Why every broadcaster should define a clear VOD strategy for 2015

What are the current VOD and OTT market developments and the strategic implication that broadcasters have to take into account for their VOD strategy.

Vidora wants to develop a Future TV Platform with Better Analytics and Viewing Behavior Profiles

Vidora update provides flexible monetization options, a platform for both on-demand and live content, and deep insights in user profiles across channels, to build the platform to 'enable the Future of TV'.
Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia

Aereo expands to Atlanta and plans to launch in 20 other cities

A day affter introducing a new pricing structure for its service, Aereo announced it will launch in Atlanta in June. Aereo streams free-to-air channels over the internet offering DVR capabilities to watch OTA TV on demand. Aereo plans to expand across
YouTube Logo - Internet TV

How YouTube’s Move to Professional Content Alienates Amateurs

YouTube is no longer a website with user generated videos but a database with professional content getting ready to compete with TV's ad dollars.

ZoomTilt Wants to Bring Democracy to Quality Video Entertainment

Can indie TV making change an industry? The TV Reset Project want to connect independent artist with an online audience and create a platform that allows aspiring TV makers to produce a web TV series.
Nick Thexton from NDS Cisco on the end of television at IBC 2012

The Great Connected Television Debate: Nick Thexton (Cisco) on The End Of Television As We Know It

A summary of Nick Thexton (Cisco) perspective during 'The Great Connected Television Debate: Will The Internet Be The End Of Television As We Know It' during IBC 2012.

The End of Television at IBC 2012 in Amsterdam

Are you attending IBC 2012 and want to meet up? Contact me at @endoftelevision or send me an e-mail
Screenshot Video facts about TV

Entertaining video about the developments within the video content industry

With the growth of IP enabled distribution of video content the risks of leaks, illegal streams and piracy are impacting the industry. Viaccess-Orca provides content service providers with services to protect and to enhance the value of content services wherever viewers