Chromecast: Google’s answer to AppleTV and Samsung Link

Google introduces Chromecast

Google has introduced a new hardware device today that enables you to stream (video) content from your mobile phone, tablet or laptop to a TV. Chromecast is Google’s thirds attempt to take over (some of) your TV after introducing Google TV and the failed Nexus Q. According to Google, the HDMI dongle is “The easiest way to enjoy online video and music on your TV”. The service is similar to Airplay from Apple that allows you to show content from your apple device to your TV. However, the Chromecast environment connects to any platform and is currently available for Android, Chrome and iOS. The Chromecast device is available for $35 on Google Play, and and includes three months of Netflix.

Google Cast SDK for any platform

The most interesting part of the launch of Chromecast is the Google Cast SDK that allows developers to integrate the technology into their app. The Google Cast SDK enables your mobile and web apps to ‘cast’ content to the TV. Chromecast then streams content directly from the web on the big screen without requiring users to download a new application or learn a new interaction model. Google’s goal for Google Cast is to create a technology that enables developers to build consistent, intuitive multi-screen experiences across mobile devices and TVs.

Miracast and Samsung Link

The offering is very similar to the Miracast standard that for example Samsung is using for Samsung Link. Many CE devices incorporate this standard and it is adopted by Microsoft in Windows 8. Google’s decision to create their own standard and separate dongle device competes directly with the Miracast offering which may interfere with Google’s ambition to incorporate Chromecast in future CE devices. During the launch no device or CE producer was mentioned that will incorporate the Chromecast standard and to reach a mass audience they better have them on their side.

Watch the introduction video of Chromecast below

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