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The End of Television at IBC 2012 in Amsterdam

Are you attending IBC 2012 and want to meet up? Contact me at @endoftelevision or send me an e-mail

How multiscreen is changing the TV market

Television shifts from a single domain to a multi-domain environment and the platform and the market becomes more accessible for multiple players.
Multi-screen television - Historical TV sets

TV Everywhere. Will 2012 be the year of the multiscreen experience?

Multiscreen for consumer markets In 2011 Marty Roberts, VP Sales & Marketing, for thePlatform, argued that TV everywhere is taking over TV. 
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Media in conflict: Social Media and broadcast distribution rights

Read how geo-blocking, syndication delay, and multiple distribution partners for different geographical regions affect Social Media Marketing.
TV Genius session IBC 2011

Making sense of social measurements and providing valuable recommendations (TV Genius session IBC 2011)

Read how Social Measurements can lead to valuable recommendations and engagement
IBC 2011 Connected World Hall

Social TV: Measuring engagement of connected audiences (TV Genius session IBC 2011)

A week after the IBC 2011 conference and as the dust settles in Amsterdam it is time to
Cisco Business Session IBC 2011

Connected Television: Changing business models to offer an unified experience (Cisco Session IBC 2011)

During Cisco’s business session ‘Lessons Learned: Implementing New Business Models’
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‘The internet doesn’t accept geographical boundaries, but broadcasting rights do’

“The internet doesn’t accept geographical boundaries, but broadcasting rights do” Joe Inzerillo