Geert Faber

Geert Faber

I am the founder and editorial director of ‘The End of Television as we know it’, a weblog dedicated to the latest developments and insights within the broadcasting and television industry covering various topic including Social TV, IPTV, Smart TV, Content Distribution, Second Screen, Connected TV, OTT, and VOD and the companies and business models involved.

In more broad terms I write about the technological and social effects of new media technologies on traditional television, and how it reshapes the broadcasting landscape and affects viewing behavior from a new media and business perspective.

I am passionate about new media, marketing, eBusiness, and IT technology and especially interested in the converging of old and new media within the broadcasting industry and the creative and business processes involved.

As the founder and owner of ADVYSUR, an online marketing and advertising organization, I provide online marketing services including SEO, SEA, conversion optimization, social media, video marketing, email-marketing and digital marketing strategy. Before starting my own company I worked as a media and e-business consultant focusing on strategic e-business and marketing advise on the use, implementation, and optimization of new media technology. I keep up to date with new developments in the field, and I’m always looking for new ideas, technologies and businesses.

As a professional I like to share my knowledge about new media, smart or internet television, marketing, strategy, and business processes and how it applies to different types of organizations. I’ve been able to share my passion as a part-time lecturer at the business administration department of the VU university in Amsterdam and as a visiting lecturer for the Master’s Program Business Informatics at the University of Utrecht (UU).

As a graduate Bachelor student (BA) in New Media and Television studies I’m interested in the rise of smart, connected, and internet TV’s and how this development is changing the broadcasting landscape and consumer behavior (read my thesis on the historic development of television and internet convergence). Furthermore, as a graduate Master of Science   (MSc) Business Administration I have a great interest in the strategic business and process side of these new developments.

I am fascinated by the moving and still image and enjoy watching creations from other people. I’m always discovering new interests and try to keep up with my old ones. I like to run, make and listen to music, play guitar, and to hang out with friends. I love to travel and to experience new cultures, and I’m always interested in meeting inspiring people.

About me:

Analytical, Teamplayer, Ambitious, Critical thinker, Persistent, Creative, Inspired, Reliable, Enthusiastic, Realistic.


New Media, Broadcasting, Television, e-Business, Online Marketing, Online Advertising, Research, Social Media, Strategy, Broadcasting, Internet, Media convergence, Web Culture, Networks, Web Video, Business processes, Analytics, Web Video, IPTV, Second Screen, Social TV.


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