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Why every broadcaster should define a clear VOD strategy for 2015

Why every broadcaster should define a clear VOD strategy for 2015

What are the current VOD and OTT market developments and the strategic implication that broadcasters have to take into account for their VOD strategy.
Percentage of simultaneous use is looking at related content (meshing)

The best Second Screen cases in the Asia Pacific market

Most research on media multitasking is based on viewer behaviour in Europe and the United States, with little attention on the Asia Pacific (APAC) market. We look at the opportunities for second screen, social TV and transmedia project in this region.
The end of Television - Twitter contribution to the Voice ratings

The main findings from Kantar Media research: TV and Twitter in the UK

Kantar Media has released a report that examines the the relationship and correlation between TV viewing levels and Twitter. Read the main findings from Kantar research: TV & Twitter in the UK.
IBC 2014

What to see at IBC 2014

I created a list (in random order) of companies that are in the social tv, second screen, OTT, VOD, transmedia and multi screen industry that I want to meet during IBC 2014.
IBC 2013

What to see at IBC 2013

Find out what to see at IBC 2013 in Amsterdam! Suggestions for stands, companies, demo's, conferences, presentations, and parties during IBC 2013. And don't forget to send your suggestions!
Channel View for Video's

Vidora wants to develop a Future TV Platform with Better Analytics and Viewing Behavior Profiles

Vidora update provides flexible monetization options, a platform for both on-demand and live content, and deep insights in user profiles across channels, to build the platform to 'enable the Future of TV'. Analytics Dashboard

Twitter wants to dominate the Social TV market over Facebook and acquires Social TV startup Trendrr

Twitter acquires social TV startup Trendrr and wants to dominate the SocialTV market over Facebook.
Google Cast developer

Chromecast: Google’s answer to AppleTV and Samsung Link

Google has introduced Chromcast, a new hardware device today that enables you to stream (video) content from your mobile phone, tablet or laptop to a TV.